A Sustainable Promise

Being sustainable and creating sustainable products is something we work at each day, making considerable improvements all the time to help reduce the impact our brand and our customers have on the environment.

It all begins with the garments we use. 

From field to warehouse, we make sure our garments are made using only 100% GMO-free organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers. This helps protect working conditions for farmers and their families while maintaining a healthy agriculture eco-system. The recycled polyester we use is made entirely from used plastic bottles, there-by reducing the amount non-biodegrable materials being produced.

We are very selective about the companies we work with and the suppliers they use. We only source garments from brands with well known textile certifications such as GOTs, Peta Approved Vegan and The Global Recycled Standard. Each certification is only awarded to brands looking to make change and demonstrate the ability to build a brighter future.

Making a sustainable product is also dependent on the materials being used to print and package each customer order. All our designs are printed using state-of-art DTG technology, which use only water-based Neo Pigment inks, which meet the highest sustainability standards. Once your order has been quality checked and meets the VIPwees standard, this is dispatched in either one of our recyclable bags or boxes.

In order to make our in-house operations more productive and economical, all our products seen online are made to order. This reduces the amount of space we need to operate and ensures we have no excess stock that is not needed. Any items which don't meet the VIPwees quality standards are sold in our clearance sections at a non-returnable discounted price. If these are unable to be resold, we'll continue to use these for test prints for new products.

To help reduce our own in-house carbon footprint, we not longer use printed materials such orders forms or packing slips, which will not be included inside any customer order.